Thursday, 31 May 2018

Neptune Information Report

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Neptune is the eighth planet from the sun it is also the coldest planet. Neptune is the third largest planet in the solar system. Neptune's name comes from the God of sea , Poseidon. The name Neptune comes from Greek mythology. Neptune takes 165 years to orbit the sun.

Neptune was discovered by three men; Urbain Le Verrier, Johann Gottfried Galle and John Couch Adams. They discovered it on the 23rd of September in 1846. Neptune was discovered using  ingenious maths and he also used Isaac Newton's law of gravity to predict the position of Neptune. It took Urbain Le Verrier a long time to study Neptune but he got the help of Gottfried Galle and John Couch.

Neptune has 14 moons the biggest moon on Neptune is called Triton. Triton was the first moon to be discovered by a English Astronomer, William Lassell on the 10 of October 1846. Triton is the only moon to orbit opposite Neptune's rotation. This moon is called a retrograde.

Neptune is the coldest planet in our Solar System because it is very far away from our sun so that means that Neptune doesn't get as much radiation and heat from the sun. Neptune has a lot of strong and cold winds. The temperature on Neptune is -214 Degrees Celsius to 353 Degree Celsius.   

Neptune is the coldest planet and it was discovered by three men Urbain Le Verrier, Gottfried Galle and John Couch using mathematics. The biggest moon on Neptune is Triton, Triton is the only moon that rotates the opposite direction of Neptune.

Friday, 25 May 2018

Ham Burger at Tech

Today at Tech we made Ham Burger.

Here are the ingredients.

1. Toast the bun

2. Slice Tomato and lettuce

3. Mix mince with pepper, salt, mix herbs fry until cooked

4. Put filling inside the burger

Monday, 14 May 2018

Galileo Galilei- Reading Activity's

In Reading we are learning about Galileo Galilei. I have made a poster to show my understanding about Galileo. I have learnt a lot of facts about this person and I also have learnt to summarise information from long text.

Friday, 11 May 2018

Tech at Tamaki-Ham and cheese toast

Today in tech we made Ham and cheese toast.

Here are the ingredients.

Step 1: Cut the crust

step 2: Whisk 5 eggs with one a cup of milk.

Step 3:  Tip the bread into the egg mixture

Step 4: Fill in the cheese and ham seal all the egg with the fork

Step 5. Fry with butter 

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Toi Toi PWC Visitors

Today people from PWC came and read to us the new
Toi Toi books. We read a lot of stories but my favourite one was called “The Whistle blows”. It was about Rugby game and how his team won the game. I have also learnt a lot of new words and I had fun reading different stories.

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Friday, 4 May 2018


Today in Tech at Tamaki Collage we made Butter Chicken.

Here is the Ingredients:

1. Slice and dice the onion and then fry it

2. Cut the Chicken the add 1/3 flour salt and put it in the pan.

3. Cook well and then add Sauce. Add brown sugar if it is sour.

4. Serve it with rice.   

Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Why we need a flying fox in our playground

Good afternoon Respected Principals and Teachers

I am hear to talk about the fact that our school should have a flying fox in our playground because it is something most kids in our school would enjoy and they would also want something new it would be a physical activity and a lot of older kids would love to play on it instead of tackle rugby. Kids would also feel like they are gliding in the air like a superhero. It will be something that the kids have never had before too. This is why I think we should have a flying fox and I hope you can conceder adding this is our playground Thank you.

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Where in the world

Image result for eiffel tower
Image result for statue of liberty
Amarica,New York
cImage result for samoa government building
Samoa, Apia
Image result for te papa
New Zealand, Welliton
Image result for tonga lds temple
Tonga, Togatapu
Image result for leaning tower of pisa
Image result for landmark in india
Agra, India
Image result for landmark in england
London,United Kingdom
Image result for landmark in dubai
Image result for landmark in china
China, Huairou,
London, United Kingdom
USA Missouri
America,South Dakota
yucatan mexico

Term 1 poem

My Poem

Term 1 was Great
I learnt to play softball and Volleyball
I have made good friends in my new class
Some of which were already friends from the past
Term 1 was great and I can’t wait for the next term that awaits.


              My Most exciting time at school

The most exciting time I have had at school was when I got to watch a real police helicopter land on my school field. It was arranged by constable Jude.

After Morning tea all the classes gathered up on the Glenbrae school field and we all watched as police helicopter landed on our school field. I felt like jumping around as I watched the helicopter land.

There were two officers in the helicopter. One of them got down and talked to all of us about his job. Then he sent one by one each class to see the helicopter. When I was up close to the helicopter it looked humongous then what it looks like when it is in the sky. I felt very small and tiny.  

He talked about how they see the ground using a camera under their helicopter. He also told us when someone if on a run away they use a heat seeking camera that tracks heat signatures.

After we finished having a look, we went back to our classes. This was the most exciting time I have ever had at school and I also learned lots about the police helicopter.     

Guess Who

Picture of person
Who it is
What they are famous for
Image result for mahatma gandhi
Mahatma Gandhi
Freedom fighter for India
Image result for Bill English
Bill English
Former prime minister of New Zealand
Image result for princess diana
princes diana
Member of the british royal family.
Image result for Jenny shipley
Jenny Shipley
Former Prime minister of New Zealand
Image result for Selena
Selena quintanilla
American singer
Image result for manu vatuvei
Manu Vatuvei
Rugby league player
Image result for Van damme
Jean-Claude Van Damme
Image result for tk samuels
Benjamin Mitchell
New Zealand Actor
Image result for kiri te kanawa
Kiri Te Kanawa
New Zealand Soprano
Marie Curie

French-Polish physicist
Sir Edmund Hillary
New Zealand mountaineer
tenzing norgay
princess anne
Part of the Royal family
Vladimir Putin
Russian President
Mother Teresa

Friday, 13 April 2018


Today we made Quiche. Here is the ingredients: 

1. whisk 5 eggs and dice ham, cheese.
2. Cut your pastry into 6 equal parts.
3. spray muffin tray and paste pastry inside muffin tray.
4. fill up 1 spoon and top up with cheeses.
5.bake 18'0c for 10-15 minutes

Thursday, 12 April 2018

My Group Inquiry about sound

They walk among us

It was a dark night and it was 3 days after the project Z, it happened because the military were trying to make a super soldier and they used the wrong antidote and it turned the soldier into a zombie. The zombie bit a lot of people and his bite turned them into zombies too. But Ben and his friend Joe were still safe, they were hiding in a underground bunker.

Ben is 21 years old he has black hair, green eyes. Ben was also millertary trained when he was 15 years old and he had been given an Assault rifle and a desert eagle which are two very powerful guns. Joe has blue hair and black eyes and he is 20 years old. Joe was also millertary trained at the age of 16 and was given two guns one of his guns was a SMG and the other was a pistol.

While they were in their underground bunker they were running out of supplies and food. So Ben and Joe decided to go out of their bunker and go and find some food and supplies. While they were searching they came across people sourrend by bloodthirsty brain eaters. Ben and Joe ran to them and they started shooting the zombies and the zombies all died. When the people were safe the people asked Ben and Joe “what would you kind men need” and they responded to the people
“we need supplies and food”. The people gave them what they asked and Ben and Joe went back to there bunker.

When they got back Ben got a radio signal from the millertary. They asked if anybody was still out there and Ben answered “yes”
the millertary said “we are coming to get you”. Ben and Joe were relieved and thankful. 3 hours later the millertary showed up. But the did not come alone, they were being followed by Zombies. The military soldiers said “hurry we need to go”. When Ben and Joe got out of their bunker they saw a chopper, they hopped on the chopper and it took them to a place called Area 15.

When they got on the ground one of the soldiers took them to a place where they could stay and rest. While they were resting, they herd alarms ringing. They both went outside and the saw zombies breaking in and then they saw an enormous zombie. Joe and Ben got a gun and started firing but then a enormous zombie started destroying everything and he started biting soldiers then the captain called Ben and Joe over and he told them the had to throw a boom in the zombies mouth so all the zombies could die. They were both scared but Ben took the boom ran to the enormous zombie and threw it in his mouth. When the bomb hit the enormous zombies stomach it explode and all the zombies died.

They were all happy to be alive and Ben and Joe got an award for saving the world.                   

I heard a whisper

I heard a whisper

One dark stormy night it was pouring with rain and Joe was alone watching T.V. Joe was waiting for his parents to come back home. While he was watching T.V he heard a whisper. He thought it was just the T.V but then he heard it again he was really scared so he went to the kitchen and grabbed the knife.

Joe went up stairs and checked all the room’s but when he went back downstairs he heard it again and this time he could hear what the whisper said. It has said “I am coming to get you”, now Joe was really scared. His heart was pounding like he was having a heart attack.

He was running around crying then he went and hide under his bed. He heard the whisper again and it said “I got you where I want you now, I want to kill you”. He heard his bedroom door slam. He saw someone walk up to his bed. The person that was there stop in front of Joe’s bed and then flipped over the bed. The man had a knife and he had almost stabbed Joe but Joe dodged it. Then Joe stood up and threw the knife in the man’s head but the man caught it.

Now the man had two knives so he took that opportunity to throw both knives which 1 knife got him on the leg. Joe screamed. He pulled out the knife from his leg and ran to the front door. He could see the man coming from the back, the man grabbed the knife and threw again, it missed and hit the front door. The man was angry he ran to Joe and lifted him by his collar and took him to the front door, grabbed the knife and sliced Joe’s neck.

When Joe’s parents arrived they saw Joe’s body bleeding out. They were screaming while calling the cops. The next morning the police found the killer, his name was Michael John Myers.

Friday, 6 April 2018

Tech- Pita Brad Sandwich

Today in cooking we made Pita Bread Sandwich. First we cut the bread in half and then we filled our bread in with Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Egg, Mayo and then we put apples on top for our decoration.  

Nachos- Tech

Today in Tech we made Nachos and it was delicious. The ingredients are.

The ingredients:
  1. Slice the onion, and fry until it is soft.
  2. Add the mince and cook it well.
  3. Add all sauces, and bake beans and cheese.
  4. Serve it on a plate with corn chips.

                Enjoy cooking

Thursday, 8 March 2018

Tech- How to make Nacho

Today in Tech we made nachos with Mrs Tuipulotu. 

This is how we made it: 

1.We first dice the onion and then we fry it till it's was soft.

2. Then we add  mince and frayed it until its cook.

3.Then we added tomato puree and bake beans.

4. Then Cook well and serve it with nacho chips.

When we ate it tasted very nice and I would love to cook this again.

My Mihi

Sunday, 21 January 2018

SLJ week 3 day 2 Bonus- Peter Snell

SLJ week 3 Day 2 activity 1 - Rock n Roll

3 facts about the Beatles on their tour.

#1  There were too many people at their concert that the police officers had to keep the people behind a wired fence. 

#2 The crowd was so big outside their hotel that the Beatles had to be taken secretly through the bottle shop entrance of the hotel.

#3 The Beatles had there concert in the wellington town hall in 23 of June 1964.      Image result for beatles

SLJ Week 3 day 2 Activity 1 - Peace Out (1960s)

My favourite television show is called Regular Show. The show is on Cartoon Network 102. 

The show is about two best friends named Mordecai and Rigby who work at a park. Mordecai and Rigby hate there jobs and they are very lazy. They always get into trouble but they have to pay for what they do.  Image result

Saturday, 20 January 2018

SLJ week 3 day 1 Bonus - Snail mail

This postcard includes a kiwi bird and Hunua falls on the right hand side and on the left there is Pohutukawa tree and lake pukaki.