Wednesday, 30 September 2015

8 Fears about me

1. I am scared of scary movies. 
2. I am scared of dolls. 
3. I am scared when I am alone.
4. I am scared of some dogs.
5. I am scared of in the living room alone.
6. I am scared of wall climbing sometimes.
7. I am scared of heights.
8. I am scared of flying off a tree.

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

The cave of rainbow

Today I created a piece of digital art I have used rainbow closures, 
circles and lines for the arms and body.


IXL Dayily home maths

Today I did IXL. I got 5 wrong but at lees I got 73 out of 100 and I got a blue meddle and red meddle and blue and red are my favourite colour.  

9 Things I love

1. I love my mum
2. I love my dad 
3. I love my grandma
4. I love my grandpa
5. I love my Nana
6. I love chocolate
7. I love my brothers 
8. I love my uncle
9. I love my aunty



Monday, 28 September 2015

10 Secrets about Myself

  •  I ate an crocodile.
  • I had club feet.
  •  I like rugby.
  • I like lollies.
  • I like watching kids cartoons (camplakebottom.
  • I had a snake around my nick.
  • I like Bruno Mars music. 
  • I like sing in the shower.
  • I like playing outside.
  • I like popcorn

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Room 7 Daily Fitness

Today was a cold windy day. Mrs Parker said we were going to go out to practice for our cross country on the field. I did not want to go because it was so cold and I felt like an old man being lazy. Mrs Packer said "Let's go out now." We did some stretches for our warm up. We had to run two laps around the field. When I was running I felt so sore and when the wind was blowing on my face it slowed me down a little bit. When we finished doing two laps I was so so so sore. We had to do some stretches again and then we went back to class.

                         download (1).jpg

Monday, 14 September 2015

My digital art

Today I created a piece of digital art work using Sumo paint. I enjoyed doing this activity because you get to  express your art. This is my art work I add colours like blue green yellow and pink orange and purple I also used gravity and random colours  


Friday, 11 September 2015

We should eat insects as part of a healthy diet

WALT: Create an argument with a point of view (P.O.V) and reasons for or against.
SC: Use evidence for or against the topic to create an argument for:

Use these videos to help you

TOPIC: People should include insects in their healthy diet.


We should eat insects as part of a healthy diet. I agree to eat insects because bugs are full of fibre easy to harvest and takes less to produce.

Insects have less fat than cows and chicken and you don't get as much fibre protein or zinc from cows and chicken as you do from insects which are edible and digestible.   

We should eat bugs because, you can eat 80% of it, but if you kill and eat cows chicken and other animals you will get about 40% or 50% of the animal as meat and the rest gets wasted.

Bugs are easy to harvest and it is free so you can save money because you can find bugs anywhere in your garden, grass and even maybe in your house. You can find flies centipede spiders and even cockroaches.

Bugs take less water than cows to produce. Cows take up to 22000L and pork takes up 35000L and chicken takes up to 23000 L but insects take only 1L and we need water and in many of the parts in the world people eat insects already.

Bugs are healthy for your healthy diet they are easy to harvest and and takes up less water than cows, chicken, pigs, and other animals but bugs take less water and and bugs have fibre protein vitamins iron zinc.





Monday, 7 September 2015

Brushing our teeth

Its important to brush your teeth everyday because. To brush your teeth properly you have to do small circles but no up and down and you have to brush your teeth for 2 minutes and your have good teeth.



Friday, 4 September 2015

Glenbrae School is the best school in the world

WALT: Write an argument

SC: Have three reasons why Glenbrae school is the best school, and support each reason with facts or examples.

Glenbrae school is the best school in world. We are the best school because we have clubs and sports and we are digital learners.

At Glenbrae school we have clubs. We all have different clubs, like cooking and drumming and we have junior science and senior science and even a movie club. I am in Science Club and it is the best.

We also have sports like rugby league, soccer and netball. For sports we go to tournaments where we play against other schools like PT England, St Patrick's, Bailey Road, and other schools in Glen Innes.

We are all digital learners in our school because we use digital tools in class. We have our own netbooks to work on and we do our writing reading on our netbooks. We also do blogging, we blog to show our work and spread our digital learning with other people and what we have been learning in class.      

Glenbrae School is the best because of we have clubs and we have sports and we are digital learners.