Thursday, 30 June 2016

Shine a light

On June 29 we had a show at our hall after morning tea all the students and the staff watched a show called shine a light.

There were two people it was Richard and Rose. Richard had long hair and was tall and Rose had long hair and was quite short.

The show was about a girl how had a talking mirror was talking very nasty words at her and her cousin helped her with a magic lamp. 

After that, we all went back to class and was very happy. I felt happy that we got to watch.

Reading Response Journal

Reading Response Journal

Title: Monsoon Flood

Author: Anne Ingram

Today I read about Monsoon flood

I feel sad about what I read today because the boys mum died.

My favourite character was the boy because he was cool and he could find land.

I would feel sad if the same thing that happened to my character, happened to me because his mum was gone.

I think if the author decided to write another part to this story this is what will happen The boy will find his mum.

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

A report about pianos

A piano is big it can make tunes it is an instrument and it has a lot of keys. You play it with your fingers by striking it.

A piano has keys up to A-G it has volume and pitch. You can play a lot of tunes and it can play sad and funny music.

I feel joyful and happy when people play the pianos but I feel sad that some people can not play the piano.

Story map

Story Map
Title: Monson Food
Author: Anne Ingram
Characters: Boy and mum
Setting: in the house
Conflict: there was a flood
Resolution: He found land with elephants and a person was looking after him

Beginning: There was a flood

Middle: he was about to die

End: He found land with a person on it

Friday, 24 June 2016


oma: run

E oma, e te tau!
Run, my darling!
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Why The roster crow so early

Many years ago the sun lived very close the-the earth. There was no night.
The people mocked the sun. so the sun went somewhere far.
The people called the sun to come back to earth
     The story took place outside


Facts about vietnam
Vietnam is near Thailand
Ho Chi Minh City, commonly known as Saigon, It is the largest city in vietnam
Vietnam is in Asian

Thursday, 23 June 2016

A Guitar

A guitar is big and it has a hole in the middle of it. It has six strings you can tune it and strum it. you can use a pick or your fingers.

Do you know how to play guitar? To play guitar you can use a pick or your fingers and when you play it softly or hard the volume will change.

I feel good about playing guitar. It's fun to play and it can make a lot of people happy when you play it.   

The Goat House

The family didn’t like seeing Rosie the got shivering

The goat was important to the family

Dad builds Rosie a house

Mum was not happy that dad took her window from the washing machine

Today I read a book about the goat house I felt sad about the goat but I was happy when dad built a house for Rosie.

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Wednesday, 22 June 2016


Small sounds can still make a big noise when you use a good sound conductor.
Experiment with a balloon compressed air and your own ears to find out how it works and the science behind it.

What you’ll Need:

1.Blow up the balloon
2.Hold The balloon close to your ear while you tap lightly on the other side.

Whats Happening ?

Despite you only tapping lightly on the balloon your ears can hear the noise loudly.When you blew up the balloon you forced the air molecules inside the balloon closer to each other. Because the air molecules inside the balloon are closer together they become a better conductor of sound waves than the ordinary air around you.

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Today I learnt how to add numbers the numbers were _79+___=103


Image result for maori girl
Image result for maori boy


She made a koauau



Own shop




Tuesday, 21 June 2016



Today in maths I learnt how to subtract 83-39  Image result for MATHS

Taonga Puoro

Story Map
Title: Taonga Puoro
Author: Tamahou Temara
Characters:  Papa and Kuia
Setting: At the maori
Conflict: The problem could of been she could not speak maori
Resolution: But then she learned in two weeks.

Beginning:  Kuia works at Te papa Tongarewa

Middle: She played a lot of instruments

End: She even made and craved her own instrument

Monday, 20 June 2016

Clubs Today

Today 20 June 2016 some other kids and I went to our clubs in school. Our club is sewing. Today we learnt how to do the back stitch, running stitch and the blanket stitch. 
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