Friday, 30 October 2015


No Escape! by David Hill
SJ P.3 N.3 1998

WALT: Use a graphic organiser to organise information.
WALT: Summarise key information.
   A black hole is caused by  a star that gets so old, cold it will blow and create a  black hole and destroy anything/sucks anything close to it. Black holes can even suck planets in two and if it will suck Earth  that will be bad.


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Monday, 19 October 2015

Gooing to the pools

Go to the pools and your stay cool.

Last 2 weeks my family and I went Glen Innes pools. When we got to the pools I got into my swimsuit and then did a big splash into the pool. Then I swam to the button of the pool and I held my breath for 30 seconds when I got back up all my hair was covering my face.

Next I started to do a monkey climb on the walls of the pool I went on around then me and my brother did a breathing competition my brother held his breath for 20 seconds and I holded my breather for 30 seconds then we did the competition again and it was a draw.

Later on I saw honey at the pools she said hi to me and I said hi back. Then I had to go home because dad had to do some work at home
so we got change into our dry clothes and went home.

It was fun at the pools and I wanted to go and that was the time with me and my family at the pools and I wish I could go everyday.               

Friday, 16 October 2015

What I am Grateful

This year I am grateful for fruit in schools, my academic learning, and sports that we get in school. I also want to get a medal in rugby.

I am grateful for fruit because fruit  is good. We get it everyday at school which means we don't have to bring fruit from home. We get it delivered to school everyday Monday and Wednesday.

I am grateful for my academic ability, because I moved up two levels in  writing, reading, and maths. I want to be a good learner in school so I can get a good job and be rich and have $230,000,000,000,000,000,000,000.  

I am also grateful for playing sports. In the school  in cross country I came third and was so proud of myself and I went to the interschool cross country.

I want to achieve a medal in rugby and be the best player it my team and also play for the all blacks and get medal for my team and be the best player in myteam.   


Why Does the earth spin

  1. does the earth spin everyday or not

b) No:
c) Not sure
d) Not mention:

                2.  Is the earth the third from        the sun or not.

Not Sure:
Not mention:

                         3. In the way of the earth does it look like a big ball or a merry go ride?

Yes it looks like a merry go round

No it does not look like a merry go round

Yes it looks like a big ball

no it does not look like a big ball

4.  How oven does the earth spin

24 hours
15 hours
1 hour a day
60 mini

5.     When the earth moves does the moon move too?

Not sure
Not mentioned

6.   Does the earth spin or not

Not meiton   


Sunday, 4 October 2015

Taking a Photo of myself

Today I just finished my 10 day blog challenge. This was my last one taking a pitcher of myself. Hope you like my photo

Friday, 2 October 2015

Making Family pop corn

  • First make the pot hot
  • make the oil hot
  • add the pop corn 
  • close the lid
  • let it pop  

     What you Need
  • A pot
  • popcorn
  • oil
That is how to make pop corn

Playing with friend

Today, I was playing out side with my brother's bike. When we were playing, a friend from across the road came over. Then we put our bikes away and we started to play cops and bad people. My younger brothers were first as the bad people and me and my friend were the cops. We had to lock them in the gate and they had to escape from the gate. When they escaped, we had to run after them and for them to be saved, they had to run 5 laps around the gate. While we were playing my brother climbed up the tree it was hard to get him.

We tried getting him with sticks and balls but we  could not get him. Then I climbed up the tree and tried to get him but I could not get him. I tried again and I got him. At last the cops won and the bad guys lost. Then we started to play hide and ghost seek. I was the finder first. When they were hiding I found my friend first then my brother then my other brother.

After a while we started to eat. I ate an apple and some chips. After we ate we went back outside and played on the scooter. We went riding down and up the hills till we got so tired. when we got tired our mum called us in because we had to stop playing and go for a shower.

                   THE END

5 Foods I like

1. Hot chips 
2. lamp
3. chicken and chips 
4. pop corn 
5. rice and butter  

Thursday, 1 October 2015

7 things I want

1. A big house with a pool.
2. I want powers. 
3. I want a ps4. 
4. I want a water park in my backyard.
5. I want to be a smart boy and head boy in school.
6. I want to be rich
7. I want a car