Thursday, 26 February 2015

Kahoot quiz

Today we did a Kahoot quiz about the brain. I scored 6500 points.It was so cool learning about our body systems and doing  the activity on our netbooks.


  1. Alex, you are certainly getting a hang of this blogging thing! I'm glad you enjoyed the quiz, we all learned so much.
    Mrs Parker

  2. Congratulations on coming 13th place, which is very good. You were one of the people who mostly got the questions right. It is good to know that you remembered most of the information that we learnt in class and life caravan. I am looking forward to your results next week.

  3. hi alex it me newsam i love your high scoer

  4. Congratulations Alex, I have just been reading your teacher's post on the class blog that you have been awarded Blogger of the Month for February. This is an awesome start to the year and as a new blogger. Well done!