Thursday, 12 January 2017

If my teacher ask me to tell the class about my trip Summer Learning Journey Week 4 Day 20

If my teacher ask me to tell the class about my trip, I would say the things that I have learnt from my travel is how the Australian people celebrate their national day. I also learnt about music and arts. I went to the zoo and I had a elephant ride. I took a picture with a python. I feed giraffes and I also learned about the great barrier reef. I made videos about my summer activities I interviewed my brother. I learned about the big landscapes in Australia. I also made my own national holiday. I learned three interesting facts about Hillary Clinton. I watched Australian shows. I also learned about Richie Macaw and much more. I learned what Australian people eat for breakfast. summer learning journey was a great holiday activity. I learned lots from this program especially about Australia and this program kept me entertained throughout the holidays. I wish this program carry on for a long time.   


  1. Hi Alex,

    It is wonderful to read that you have enjoyed the Summer Learning Journey programme this holiday. We loved reading your blog posts and learning alongside you!

    We would love it if you continued to stay active with the programme this summer by reading other student's blogs and posting helpful, positive, and thoughtful comments. I know that they would really appreciate having your support!

    We'd also love it if you were able to support our team by providing us some feedback about the programme.

    To give your feedback, please click on the 'Feedback' tab on the Summer Learning Journey website and fill in the short questionnaire. We'll read your feedback and use it when we're looking to design the next holiday blogging programme! We will also add 10 bonus points to your total :)

    I'll see you at Glenbrae early in Term 1 when I come to hand out certificates and prizes!

    Rachel :)

    1. Hi Rachel,

      Thanks! I will do that.


  2. Wow! Tino pai Alex, you have learnt so much through the programme!It is great to see you putting the effort in to record this video and write about your learning as well. You have done really well to complete this and it will make a big difference to your learning when you get back to school!

    If you can over the next few weeks, see if you can get those extra points by leaving some comments on the other students blogs and providing that feedback.

  3. Hi Alex!

    It's finally here! The last blog post! Well done! What a fantastic video. I am so glad you joined us on the Summer Learning Journey, you have done so, so well.

    I just want to recognise your efforts and the effort that you have put into making each individual question it's own little blog. I hope you continue to do your best at school all the way up until you finish uni. You might not know what you want to be in life yet, but I am sure you will succeed! Remember that you can learn from every experience - not only the ones you have - but the experiences of others.

    Keep up the grand work.


    1. You should feel really proud that you have followed this all the way through to the end too. Finishing what you start is a hard skill to master, and you've done a really good job of it here.

      Kia kaha, Alex.


  4. Well done Alex grate to see you really are enjoying your holidays and keeping your learning up. Great Job

  5. Good job Alex and that cool trip you went on.
    I wish your trip carry on too.
    Keep this good work. :)

  6. Hi Alex! Thanks for commenting on my blog! Your doing an amazing job with you blogging. Keep it up and see you later this year!
    :) ~ Aaliyahna

  7. Hello there Alex,

    I'm Von a year 7 student from S.P.X school. Well done for completing all the activities from the summer learning journey and it seems to me that you have learnt a lot from those activities too!

    I'm sure your class would love to hear your reflection about what you have learnt throughout the summer learning journey and about your chosen country!

    Fantastic Blogging and I hope you comment on other Bloggers who are still finishing off their summer learning blog activities :)


  8. Hi Alex!

    It is the last day of blogging today. I just wanted to say hi to all the students who have been participating regularly and thank you all for making such a great effort to keep your literacy levels up during the summer holiday period.

    I really wish you all the very best for this year at school, and know you'll do your best - no matter what challenges you may face.

    Kia kaha, Alex, it has been nice to meet you.


  9. Congratulations on placing first in the Summer Learning Journey blogging programme this past holiday, Alex. You were a blogging star! I will see you on Friday at the assembly when I come to hand out the SLJ prizes and certificates!

    See you in a couple of days :)


  10. Hi Alex, Sounds like you really enjoyed your trip to Australia!! I like how you made a video to tell us about what you learnt!!! Keep up the hard work!!!
    Miss Kay

  11. Hi Alex,

    I hope that you are well! I am just working on the Summer Learning Journey programme website for this year and I am hoping to include some quotes from students who have participated in the past. You wrote some awesome blogs that I would love to include on the website. I would just include a short part of the blog and put your first name underneath it so that you are given credit for the work. I would not share your last name or your school so that people wouldn’t know that it was you.

    Is that okay? If so, can you please write back and I will finish up the website. I’ll send you a link to the finished website when it’s ready.

    I can’t wait to blog with you again this summer!