Friday, 6 January 2017

What I think about this panting? Summer Learning Journey Week 3 Day 15

What I think about this panting?

I think that this painting looks cool and an example of modern art. I like its colours too. If I would buy it then will give to my grandmother because she likes paintings.    


  1. Hi Alex!

    I think it's really sweet that you'd think to give this to your grandmother. I'm sure she'd really appreciate this. The last Kandinsky sold for around £19 million - or $33,000,000nzd. So if I got one randomly, I would probably sell it and buy my mum a house... or everyone in my family a house haha!

    What would you do if you had $30 million dollars?

    Did you know this painting is called "Swinging" and it was painted in 1925 by Kandinsky. Kandinsky is known as a pioneer of abstract art, which is art which isn't really about an object, rather experiments in form, shape, and colour. Sometimes they're a bit like a doodle.

    Keep up the solid work, Alex. Remember to work towards more in-depth answers.


    1. Hi Mark,

      That's a great idea. If I would have $30 million Dollars I would buy a big house two dogs for my family and a big lollies factory because I like lollies. Thanks


    2. Wow awesome! I wonder what kind of lollies you would make.