Monday, 9 January 2017

Shape Day Summer Learning Journey Week 4 day 16

 Shape Day.
It is a public holiday and everyone wears shape costumes and have parties. The special food for this day is turkey with rice, potatoes and salad and for dessert is shape cookies and chocolate pudding. There are also street parades. People dressed up like shapes. There are also lot of concerts held around the country. People has been celebrating this day since 1900 on 28th March because that time the king of the country made his own shapes.



  1. Hi Alex,

    What a fun idea for a public holiday - I really like the backstory you gave it about the king making shapes! It would be a lot of fun seeing everyone dressed up as shapes as well! Remember to introduce these posts so people are reminded of the task you are completing - just in case anyone reads this post on the internet and wonders if New Zealand has a national shape day (although this would be cool) !

  2. Hi Alex!

    This was such a great blog! I actually thought you were talking about a real holiday for a minute there! It is so cool how you thought of a back story, plus a food and parade.

    Keep that amazing imagination sharp! Great work!