Thursday, 12 January 2017

Going To The Zoo Summer Learning Journey Week 4 Day 18

I had just entered the zoo when, all of a sudden, I saw people riding elephants. I was so excited because I was not expecting such kind of things.

I also wanted to have a elephant ride. So, I had a elephant ride and it was really fun. I also saw people feeding giraffes and some people having photo with pythons around their neck.

It was really an amazing and a great day. I wish, if I could come again.   


  1. Hi Alex,

    What an amazing trip that would be! A lot of the Zoo's in Australia do seem to offer 'close encounters' where you can feed, hold, or take pictures with the animals. I remember feeding an Echidna when I visited a zoo in Sydney - I had never seen one before I fed it, but they look a bit like porcupines!

    1. Hi Miss Stone,

      I can understand that it could be a wonderful visit.

      Please share more of your experience.


  2. What an imaginative picture of the Zoo. I once visited it a very long time ago. I think the most exciting part was the crocodile feeding. It is quite frightening.

    Kia kaha,