Friday, 6 January 2017

Three Facts about the New Zealand battle in World War 1 Summer Learning Journey Week 3 Day 15

Three Facts about the New Zealand battle in World War 1.

1. Gallipoli was the first New Zealand campaign for World War 1.

2. The New Zealand's soldiers landed at ANZAC cove on April the 25th 1915 to backup Aussies.

3. This war was against Germans.Image result for World war 1


  1. Kia ora Alex,

    I like the facts you have presented, but I feel like you're just touching the surface, rather than researching deeply. The Summer Learning Journey is supposed to be about keeping your brain sharp, rather than be an online quiz. For example your third point says WW1 was against the Germans, but there were lots of countries in World War 1. Here is something I found in Google.

    "The Allies included Britain, France, Russia, Italy and the United States. These countries fought against the Central Powers which included Germany, Austria-Hungary, Ottoman Empire and Bulgaria."

    "Archduke Ferdinand, of Austria-Hungary, was assassinated by a Serb on June 28, 1914." This second fact was the catalyst that started WW1.

    Did you know nearly 19 million people, both civilians and soldiers, died in WW1? Did you know nearly 75 million died in WW2? Entire countries worth of people, just gone.

    From now on I would like you to really show me what you can learn. I know you can do it. If you decide to give fuller answers, you will earn fuller points.

    Kia kaha,


    1. Hi Mark,

      Thanks for the comment. Next time I will try my best.


    2. Cheers Alex. I know you do your best, don't worry. You're a great student and you're doing what you can! I'm just giving you a few pointers to help you out a bit.

      Keep up the great work! You are a star!


  2. Kia Ora Alex,
    I really enjoyed your awesome facts about New Zealand's battle in World War 1...It was really interesting but maybe next time try to add more information to make your Blog post's more interesting?..