Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Superheroes Poem


They are big and bold like a pack of wolves
symbols of truth and justices
Super humans giving hope and faith
We depend on them like our families and friends
With safe keeping of their identities
Until they reach their destinies  
They will rescue those in need
in the speed of lightning
Boom! Crash! Ding! is what they have to bring
But sometimes we don't achieve  
Normal people can help us to achieve
give us hope that we can do helpful things  

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Friday, 22 June 2018

Book week recount

Yesterday on the 19th of June 2018, Glenbrae School had our very first Book Week. All clases had been making stuff for book week
My class Room 7 were making dioramas about our favourite book.
Other classes dressed up as their favourite book characters and made posters .

The first thing we did was all the classes in the school gathered up in the hall and we did a parade to show off our fabulous costumes when the paride was done each class got up and told the other classes what character they are. There was also a prize for the best costume for the juniors and the seniors. The winner for the seniors was a boy from room 9 he dressed up as Kia from Ninjago and from the juniors was a girl from room 4 she dressed up as the fairy godmother from cinderella.

After the parade we then showed what we made for book week, Room 7 showed there diaramar, my diaramar was about Bad Guys Episode 5 by Aaron Blabey. After that we had a look at the other clases presentation and then we went back to our classes to have morning tea.

Later on after morning tea we had poetry recital each class chose some students to say a poem and also to thank and introduce. I was an introducer so I introduced one of the poets. After poetry recital we had lunch.

After lunch we had duff show it was called the Superduper show.
The show was about a superhero who got his powers from saving a lady about to get run over and when he saved her something magical happens and he got powers to bring book characters to life. He used these powers to stop the evil Dr Dismo. After the show was done we back our bags and then went home.

Why Fortnite should be allowed to be played at school?

                 Fortnite should be allowed to be played at school?

What is Fortnite about?Fortnite is an online game played by many people around the world. This game is for people aged 12 and over. This age is suitable for Glenbrae Intermediate students.

Fortnite is an online player vs player game and I know that this is a good idea to have students play fortnite in school because children can work together to build their confidence to work with new people from other schools and also students from different classrooms. It helps you with planning and also it will help you to think how your game strategies will work .  

I also want students to play at lunchtime so it won’t interfere with learning. The reason why I picked this time is because It’s closer to end of the day so you don't learn as much, because we learn a lot in the morning.

Fortnite is played on Ipad, computer’s, playstation 4 and xbox1. In our school we have a lot of computers and most kids play on computer rather than PS4 and Xbox1.

This is my argument on why Glenbrae Intermediate students should be allowed to play Fortnite in School.   

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Thursday, 31 May 2018

Neptune Information Report

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Neptune is the eighth planet from the sun it is also the coldest planet. Neptune is the third largest planet in the solar system. Neptune's name comes from the God of sea , Poseidon. The name Neptune comes from Greek mythology. Neptune takes 165 years to orbit the sun.

Neptune was discovered by three men; Urbain Le Verrier, Johann Gottfried Galle and John Couch Adams. They discovered it on the 23rd of September in 1846. Neptune was discovered using  ingenious maths and he also used Isaac Newton's law of gravity to predict the position of Neptune. It took Urbain Le Verrier a long time to study Neptune but he got the help of Gottfried Galle and John Couch.

Neptune has 14 moons the biggest moon on Neptune is called Triton. Triton was the first moon to be discovered by a English Astronomer, William Lassell on the 10 of October 1846. Triton is the only moon to orbit opposite Neptune's rotation. This moon is called a retrograde.

Neptune is the coldest planet in our Solar System because it is very far away from our sun so that means that Neptune doesn't get as much radiation and heat from the sun. Neptune has a lot of strong and cold winds. The temperature on Neptune is -214 Degrees Celsius to 353 Degree Celsius.   

Neptune is the coldest planet and it was discovered by three men Urbain Le Verrier, Gottfried Galle and John Couch using mathematics. The biggest moon on Neptune is Triton, Triton is the only moon that rotates the opposite direction of Neptune.

Friday, 25 May 2018

Ham Burger at Tech

Today at Tech we made Ham Burger.

Here are the ingredients.

1. Toast the bun

2. Slice Tomato and lettuce

3. Mix mince with pepper, salt, mix herbs fry until cooked

4. Put filling inside the burger