Tuesday, 21 February 2017


Yesterday we learnt about how do another strategy to solve multiplication problems. CHECK IT OUT ABOVE!  

Friday, 10 February 2017


Today in maths we did colouring we had to colour the shapes in the different colour and we times the number to find out how to match the colour. There were some patterns left over because they were prime numbers and they could only be timed by themselves and one.  

Friday, 3 February 2017


Today my class and I made a Infographic. Trent, Aj and I worked together to make an infographic about Room 8.

About Me


Hi my name is Alex C.  I was born in New Zealand,Tauranga I am a year 7 in Glenbrae School. I’m from Samoa and India. My favourite subject is Writing, I love writing and I like playing rugby too. My hobby is playing sports and video games. When I grow up I would like to be a cop. I have two brothers and I live with my mum and dad. I love eating homemade fries and chicken. My favourite superhero is batman.    

Thursday, 12 January 2017

If my teacher ask me to tell the class about my trip Summer Learning Journey Week 4 Day 20


If my teacher ask me to tell the class about my trip, I would say the things that I have learnt from my travel is how the Australian people celebrate their national day. I also learnt about music and arts. I went to the zoo and I had a elephant ride. I took a picture with a python. I feed giraffes and I also learned about the great barrier reef. I made videos about my summer activities I interviewed my brother. I learned about the big landscapes in Australia. I also made my own national holiday. I learned three interesting facts about Hillary Clinton. I watched Australian shows. I also learned about Richie Macaw and much more. I learned what Australian people eat for breakfast. summer learning journey was a great holiday activity. I learned lots from this program especially about Australia and this program kept me entertained throughout the holidays. I wish this program carry on for a long time.   

The first thing from my travel Summer Learning Journey Week 4 day 20

The first thing from my travel I have learnt is how people celebrate their national day and the second thing is what they eat and how they live their lives.  

I would choose to eat with my family Summer Learning Journey Week 4 Day 20

I would choose to eat with my family BBQ lamb chops with fries and for dessert I would ask for chocolate ice cream.