Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Sharead Lunch

On Thursday 20 October 2016, my school had shared lunch because it was part of our topic on  Healthy Eating.Each class had to prepare a healthy plate. Our class prepared a tasty and delicious pumpkin soup and dip. Other classes prepared fritters, fruit caba and other delicious and tasty healthy food. I helped by peeling the potato and others helped by peeling the onions too.  There was a lot of really yummy and healthy stuff. When it was time to eat I ate pumpkin soup and some dip. When I went to get a fruit cabs it was all gone so I got something else. After our shared lunch we cleaned up and went to playtime.
                         The best food was the roti wrap



Thursday, 20 October 2016

Allen Ivasion

Hundred days ago Damian and Mark were having a good time at the beach, and having a BBQ too. Damien and Mark were superheros so they saved the world almost everyday. Their Superhero names were Captain Atomic and Captain Marvel. While they were having a BBQ suddenly something happened?

The sky turned black and BIG alien space ships appeared out of the sky. Someone said, “it’s Allen's run for your lives!”. Everybody was worried and they all were panicking.
Then Mark and Damian went to their house to get their super suits .

By the time Mark and Damien got there they were too late and then they got a message.
The allens said, “Captain Atomic and Captain Marvel come to the abandoned warehouse”. The abandoned warehouse was full of boxes and old shelves. Then they heard a sound and Mark used his super hearing to find the sound. When he did he found the aliens and the people. They fought the aliens and kicked their alien bottom back to their planet and saved the people.

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                              The End      

Monday, 17 October 2016

My healthy food plate

Today we learnt about the different food groups and making healthy choices. It is important to have a balanced diet. This is My Healthy Food Plate.

Friday, 14 October 2016

Te reo

Manaakitanga - respect
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noa - safe from
Screenshot 2016-10-14 at 12.47.25.png
Tiaki - to care for
Screenshot 2016-10-14 at 12.48.34.png


This week in Algebra we have been finding and applying rules for patterns. We drew the patterns and continued to the 5th or 6th pattern. We predicted the 10th pattern and in our group we then created a rule for the pattern. The rule for this pattern is
This was a challenging and fun activity.


Thursday, 13 October 2016

Story Map

Story Map
Title: Gifts from the sun
Author: John O’ Brien
Characters: Sun and Sefer
Setting: At the beach
Conflict: The sun can sunburn you
Resolution: He put on sunscreen

Beginning: The serfer was surfing
Middle: The unwelcoming things about the sun and the welcoming things from the sun

End:The boy stopped surfing and he covered himself

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Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Gifts from the sun

  Gifts from the Sun
Today in reading I learnt about the welcome gifts of the sun and the harmful effects of the sun.

1.List the welcome and unwelcome gifts from the sun?
 The sun gives us heat and light but the UV radiation can burn our skin.  

2.What would happen if the sun stop shining? If the sun stops shining our planet will start to cool down very fast and then all the people, animals and other living things will die.

3.Explain the ozone layer? High above us the outer layer of air is called the ozone layer that stops most of the UV radiation from reaching us.

4.Does the writer protect himself on a cool day? Yes Why? Because even on cool day after an one or two hours he says I will always cover myself with sunblock.

5.What are harmful effects of the uv radiation? UV radiation can burn your skin badly and it can damage your eyes?

     6.Draw a picture of a welcoming sun.

   SUN (1).jpg



Monday, 10 October 2016


                       Today we learnt that:

  • UV radiation can burn and damage our skin.
  • When the sun is directly above us in summer or daylight saving months between 11am and 4pm most UV radiation reaches us.
  • UV radiation causes sunburn, wrinkles, and ages our skin or makes it look old.

  • If there are thin clouds or patches of clouds the sun's UV  radiation and still reach us.

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