Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Gifts from the sun

  Gifts from the Sun
Today in reading I learnt about the welcome gifts of the sun and the harmful effects of the sun.

1.List the welcome and unwelcome gifts from the sun?
 The sun gives us heat and light but the UV radiation can burn our skin.  

2.What would happen if the sun stop shining? If the sun stops shining our planet will start to cool down very fast and then all the people, animals and other living things will die.

3.Explain the ozone layer? High above us the outer layer of air is called the ozone layer that stops most of the UV radiation from reaching us.

4.Does the writer protect himself on a cool day? Yes Why? Because even on cool day after an one or two hours he says I will always cover myself with sunblock.

5.What are harmful effects of the uv radiation? UV radiation can burn your skin badly and it can damage your eyes?

     6.Draw a picture of a welcoming sun.

   SUN (1).jpg


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