Thursday, 15 September 2016


On Friday 9, 2016 we had kiwi can. We sat in our lines and we talked about our new topic.

After that, we played flip the carpet we got into teams boys vs girls. It was boy's we could not touch the ground and if we did we would have to start again then the kiwi can leader said she is going to time us so we did it in twenty-seven seconds and then it was the girls
The girls kept on touching the ground so they lost and the boys won.

Then we got into our lines and started talking about our new topic then we play a game called Target Zone we got into 4 groups and I was in group 3. We had to get the hula hoop in the cone and group 3 won.

After that we did GKQ and after GKQ we did our points  and then we went to class.     

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