Thursday, 26 February 2015

Kahoot quiz

Today we did a Kahoot quiz about the brain. I scored 6500 points.It was so cool learning about our body systems and doing  the activity on our netbooks.

Friday, 20 February 2015

Parts of the brain.

We have been learning about the brain.
The brain stem tells your heart to beat more.

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Water Fun Day

Today we had water fun day. Do you know why? Because it's summer!!!

First we got changed into our shorts and t-shirts then we went up the court area then Mrs Elia spoke to us about some of the stuff. then Mrs Tofa spoke to us also. Then all of the class went to their programs. Mrs Tofa had to ring the bell for us to start. First room 7 went to the water slide we were were and soaked with the dishwasher.

Next Mrs Tofa rang the bell for us to rotate room 7 went to the under and over. We had to grab the sponge and put it under your legs and over your head till the sponge goes to the end then the end person will fun to house colour bin and squeeze it and run back to the front. Then Mrs Tofa rang the bell again for us to rotate.

After we went to the next program that we had to link arms and hold a cup of water and run to our house colour bin and tip it in and run back and give the cup to the other two persons then Mrs Tofa rang the bell again to rotate.

Then we went to the zig zag we had to hold a can that had holes in it. We also had to zig zag with the can and go to our house colour bin and tip it in.