Sunday, 31 December 2017

SLJ week 1 bonus day 5

If I had the chance to interview Bill Kini The four thing I would ask him are?

1. What inspired you to join the commonwealth games

2. what position he played In rugby 

3. Do you have any tips on playing rugby

4. And My last question is how did you feel when you won a gold  medal in boxing 
If I went to Waitangi as a visitor the three thing I would do is.

1. Explore the treaty grounds 

2. Go to the Waitangi museum and see the treaty

3. and my last thing I would do is to see the Marae    

SLJ Day 5 week 1 Moari phrases

Nau mai ki Aotearoa. Welcome to NewZeland

Alex is my name. Ko Alex toku ingoa

What is your name? he aha to ingoa

He pai taku ki te takaro i te whutupaoro. I like to play rugby

  Where do you come from? No hea koe?

Saturday, 30 December 2017

SLJ week 1 day 4 Bonus

Every two years there is a big festival called the Te Matatini too celebrate Tikanag and I would rank these performances from 1 too 3.

Tamatea Arikinui  I would rank this performances 1st because there sing is catchy and they used Pio Toa well dancing.

Te PukuO Te Ika I would rank this performances second because I like there costumes but there song is not very catchy.

Te Iti Kahuranagi This last performance I would rank it 3rd place because it has only one person sing but the good thing is that there are a lot of instrument playing in the background like a flute and guitar.

SLJ Week 1 day 4 Activity 2

100 of years ago moari kids were taught to play many games But I have't tried but one of the games I would like to try Is called Whakapapa.

One of the games that they played is called Whakapapa . The aim of the game is to steel the feathers from your opponent mouths without hitting there head. You need to play with two people and a small area is needed. 

SLJ day 4 week 1 My favourite Waiata - A song in your harts

Stan walker- Aotearoa

I like this Waiata because

1. It is catchy and it makes me happy

2. It has the national anthem in it

3. It cheers me up

4. This song is sang by 4 people Stan Walker, Ria Hall, Troy Kingi and Maisey Rika.   

Thursday, 28 December 2017

SLJ Day 3 Bonus Week1 What makes my family Special

What makes my family Special

My family is special

Because we are mixed culture of Samoan and Indian.

The three people close to me is my mum, dad and my brother Aj.

AJ loves to go to the beach. Two fun facts about AJ is that he can wave his tummy and he is a game freak.

My dad loves to travel and go swimming. Two fun facts about my dad he loves to dance and sing.

My mom loves to play volleyball and have a BBQ in the summer. Two fun facts about my mom are she is a great cook and she likes to play on her phone.    

Day 3 Week 1 SLJ

Ko Mt Wellington te maunga   
Ko Tamaki river  te awa         
Ko New Zealand Airline te waka
Ko Vetemouto-Changchreonkul tōku tīpuna
Ko New Zealand  tōku iwi          
Ko Glenbrae School tōku marae
Ko New Zealand ahau I am from…
Ko Lavender rāua ko Paul ōku mātua  
Ko Alex tōku ingoa.

SLJ Week 1 Day 3 Nine siblings

       I would not like to have nine siblings because of these reasons

  • If I have a lot of siblings then no chance to get play station.

  •  It would be hard work for parents and stress them out.

  • In a large family it is hard to do what you want.

  • My last reason is parents would have no time for all and also for themselves so they would get really tired everyday.

Wednesday, 27 December 2017

SLJ day 2 Week 1 bonus

Image result for chicken and chips auckland
This is my favourite food because it yum but it is also unhealthy. Sometimes my mum cooks this for me and some time I buy from KFC.

I don't know the recipe but when I found it I will be sure too let yous known. 

SLJ Week Day 2 Activity 2

SLJ day 2 activity 1

SLJ day 1 Bonus

I would like to be in the Waka Ama race because of these reasons.

  • It is a fun team work activity

  • It is challenging

  • It is a fun physical activity

  • It looks cool 

And the top of all it looks very exciting and fun

Sunday, 24 December 2017

SLJ Day 1 Activity 2 Week 1 : Dear Friend

To: Max

Dear Max I was traveling from my home land to New Zealand on my waka and I would like to tell you about my story. Firstly I was really very scared and nervous to leave my home but I did it. On my way I was really excited and enjoyed because I saw dolphins jumping and flipping. The water was very clear but the tide was very rough but when I were close to New Zealand the tide calmed down. I also did some fishing and I caught lots of tuna and salmon with my fishing net. My favourite part about my trip was fishing seeing the dolphins jumping. You should also try this one day.

Bey Bey

From: Alex


Tuesday, 19 December 2017

3 facts about Maui SLJ week 1 day 1

Here are 3 facts about Maui.

1. In the story Maui and the giant fish Maui is skinny and in the movie Moana Maui is very strong and muscular.

2. Maui is right in Moari.

3. Maui's brother were fishermen

I also Know the legend of Maui and the sun.

Friday, 1 December 2017

My Great Trip to the Moon

This is my animated digital story Its about, my dream holiday and what I want to do in the holidays.
My dream Holiday is to go to the moon.