Wednesday, 27 December 2017

SLJ Week Day 2 Activity 2


  1. Hey Alex, my name is Billy and I am from the Summer Learning Journey programme. It is great to see you have been working hard and blogging over the summer. Keep it up!

    I like your drawing here. How did you do it? It's great you want to be a policeman when you are older. I hope that your dream comes true!
    Where would you like to work do you think? In Auckland? Somewhere else? Overseas?

    I think you have great reasons to be a policeman as well.

    Good job,

  2. Hi Billy

    Thanks for the comment, I would like to work in Auckland. Someone suggested me to go to vanguard what do you think?


  3. Greetings there Alex,

    Great job on this task that you have completed and I think it will be great to have some more polices help to fight crime in places that you will be a police in.

    What an outstanding reason that you have written for your readers to check out why do you want to a police.Nice job on you drawing yourself which looks very nice and cool.

    I really enjoy reading your big logo that had said "police" which had looked very nice and cool that you got to use different types of logos on your text.

    Outstanding work there Alex,Can't wait to read more blog post.