Thursday, 2 July 2015

Experiments Week

Recount  Writing
At glenbrae school during Term 2 Week 10 of 2015 we did science week. it was the senior students who did Science experiments on physical and chemical changes of matter. We the students of Room 7 went to a different class to learn about their Science experiments.  

On Monday we did condensation and evaporation with Mrs Raj we learned about the water cycle and condensation and evaporation and also learned about the 3 states of matter which is solid, liquid and gas

On Tuesday we did making brade and doing how gas popped on and blood the balloon when the bread was baked then we made some batter we had some cream and shaked it till it went to butter when we ate the bread it was so taste and delouse.

On Wednesday we went to Mrs Tofas classroom we made scoons and we did what will happen if you mix apple with vinegar or water or sprite or  L&P. We had to get into our house groups and we got to choose what we could dip the apple in and we all choose vinegar  but one of groups did water but the one made the apple brown and the one that made the apple brown was water and the that made the apple not brown was vinger.  Then we started to make the scoons we made it with sprite L&P vinegar and water. When Mrs Card we to the staff room there was a braid in the oven and we had to wait for 15 minutes when 15 minutes was over we baked the scones when it was ready we ate the scones the most yemy one was the spirit one.

On Thursday we went two class we went to Mr Nath and Mrs Moonpar. First we went to Mr Nath we did a reading task it was fill in the caps. Then we did a experiment we had a candle and some machers and we lighted the candle up and then we put some salt and brown sugar on a spoon the spoon got burn but the sugar and the salt was boiling but the sugar took time to boil. When the experiment was over and it was morning tea.

Then after morning tea we went to Mrs moonpar class we did an experiment we mixed baking soda and sugar with lemon juice and there was an reaction with the lemon juice that we did a activity we had have a runner to go see a paper and remember the words but first we had to get into our house groups and we choose a runner. When the game was over the winner was yellow after that it was lunch time. after lunch we back to class and packed up and went home.                                     

Inquiry Presentation

Today Glenbrae school had our inquiry presentation road show. This is when all the classes share what they learned during the term. We share our learning by crating presentation, posters, diagrams and hands on activity's.

I enjoyed rooms 8 presentation because of their cool song it was really cool with their presentation on the computer.

The best presentation was room 7 with all the presentation, poster and slideshows. Here is my presentation about why people should live in Nelson.