Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Ruby's Sunflower

Student’s Name: Alex  Date:  
Title:Ruby's Sunflower Author: by sally stephenson

Character: Ruby and Mr Buck

1. Does the character seem real to you? Yes   No
Explain your answer. No because she is a non real person because she is in a fiction book and fiction books are not real

2. Do the character’s actions fit what you know about him/her? Yes   No
Explain your answer. yes because I kewon what the character’s want and how they will react at the end

3. This character is: nice cool enthusiastic inspiring and generous
Flat (stays the same)
Round (changes)

4. Use the “Common Character Traits” chart below to list the traits that describe the character.  The main character in the book is friendly, proud, generous, wise, and thoughtful

This is the book that I read

Tuesday, 16 February 2016



Once upon a time there was a boy named Jack. Jack was going to the beach for are party with his family and friends today. Jack was not a sunsmart person .

jack had black hair blue hair and he was half Maori and half German he was 29 years old and still looking like a 17 year old boy in college.

He went  in his car and went to the beach. When he got there his family said “where's your hat” “don't need one” are you sure yes.

After awhile they did a BBQ and the sun got hot and hot then jack got sunburned and he screamed so loud and his family  and friends took him to the hospital.

they did some x rays  and did some surgeries because his burn was really bad. 2 days later he got out of hospital he was all good and healthy

    Be sunsmart and slip slop slap and warp

                               THE END