Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Ruby's Sunflower

Student’s Name: Alex  Date:  
Title:Ruby's Sunflower Author: by sally stephenson

Character: Ruby and Mr Buck

1. Does the character seem real to you? Yes   No
Explain your answer. No because she is a non real person because she is in a fiction book and fiction books are not real

2. Do the character’s actions fit what you know about him/her? Yes   No
Explain your answer. yes because I kewon what the character’s want and how they will react at the end

3. This character is: nice cool enthusiastic inspiring and generous
Flat (stays the same)
Round (changes)

4. Use the “Common Character Traits” chart below to list the traits that describe the character.  The main character in the book is friendly, proud, generous, wise, and thoughtful

This is the book that I read

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