Sunday, 29 November 2015

OMEG tech

 On Saturday 2 some of my class mates went to OMEH tech at the city. We went in a bus. When we got to the city we went into the OMEG place went up stairs to wait then a lady came a told us that we could expolar  and wait for some name tags. when we got a name tags our journey began we got put into groups an and went to our stations my group went to the robotics.

The robotics was programming robots on the computer so they can move and we had to programme the robots to move the robots can move faster then a human robot help a lot of people because humans cannot go somewhere that the cant so they send robots to help.

After the robotics my group went to 3D printing, 3D printing was you make something on the computer and when you are done the prine it out and it comes real ad it is so cool I drew my name and said I am the man we had about only 40 mints each stations. when 40 mini was over and we went to our next station .

Our next station was braking a part compute CD players, in the CD player I found a mooter, laser, and a Manet after that station we had free lunch got the chicken and egg meal that was the best trip and it was so awesome and my favourite station was the robotic because programming it.

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Wednesday, 25 November 2015

The problem with pluto

The Problem with Pluto by David Hill

SJ Level 3 Feb 2012

WALT: Use a cline graphic organiser to order words with similar meanings
WALT: create an acrostic phrase

There are lots of different words that describe the comparative (to compare) size of an object.
Use this cline scale to find the words which indicate size and fit them along the scale (click to edit the image)
People used this acrostic phrase to remember the order of the planets: My Very Excellent Mother Just Served Us Nine Pies. Now that Pluto is no longer an official planet create your own acrostic sentence to remember the order of the planets.

Original Phrase
Your Creation

3. Write a paragraph summary explaining if Pluto is a planet, and why/why

Pluto is a planet like ever other planet and pluto is well and alive   

Travel on a research craft heading to the uncharted limits of the Solar System. Learn how Pluto is different from the other planets and discover the challenges of working out just what a planet should be.
The Problem with Pluto takes a modern look at our once familiar Solar System. It presents a lively debate over Pluto’s planetary status, a debate that had been looming from the moment Pluto was discovered, over 70 years ago.
If you could vote on Pluto’s status, how would you make up your mind? What are the characteristics that all good planets should have? Lucy and her teenage friends, who live on various planets in the Solar System, think they should know the answer but find that it’s not so easy. Lucy’s mother, who is a scientist, is given the job to settle the argument once and for all.
The last decade has seen some major new discoveries within the Solar System and in response scientists have had to rethink their views. Science, history and sentiment all played a part in reorganising our Solar System. But, as Lucy comes to realise, it’s not really a question of what’s right or wrong, but, in looking for the answer, that we discover what’s important after all.

What cause seasons

                                  What cause seasons

Seasons happen every year it starts from Autumn, Winter, spring, and finally summer.

In Autumn trees leaves falls off but before the leaves fall they turn into red, green, or yellow.

We have seasons because the earth is tilting on its axis. When the earth spins the sun shines on the northern hemisphere, it is summer and on the south hemisphere it is winter. So when the earth orbits the sun, it stays the same tilt, but the southern hemisphere is now pointing towards the sun. When when the sun shines on the southern hemisphere it is summer and the northern hemisphere is winter.         


                                            STAR DOME

On Thursday Rm 7, 8, 9 and 10 from Glenbrae School went to Star Dome. When we got there we had our morning tea under the shadowy tree. After that Rm7 and Rm8 went inside while Rm10 and 9 got to play in the playground for an hour. When we got inside we went to the space room.

At the same time we went inside the space room there was a lady that was talking to us about the moon, sun and the earth. And I learned that  people use to think that the pluto was the same size as earth. After the space room we went looking around star dome and we saw meteors, planets and the moon. After exploring we went to the observatory room.

When we got inside the observatory classroom we sat on some seats and were looking up at a big screen. And there was the same lady that was with us in the space room. We watched a movie about the solar system, the tilt of the earth, even the sun. I learned that the earth is tipping on its axis. When we go around the sun we are spinning really slowly.    

After the movie was finished which was a great and funny movie. Finally we got to have a turn on the playground while room 10 and 9 went inside stardome to learn about the solar system, planets, sun, moon and the tilt of the earth. When your journey was all done we went inside the bus and went back to school tired.

I felt happy because I got to play in the playground and got to learn about the solar system, moon, sun and the earth.


Friday, 13 November 2015

Super hero poem

My superpower is telekinesis,  To move things with my mind
I am strong that i could lift the sun with my head

If I could, I would sit down and then use my powers to get my chips without getting out of my seat and fight for justice.

People would see me and say I am the man because I can use my superpowers and save my other people.

With my SUPER power, I am cool, fantastic, and perfect   

I'm as strong and healthy as can be.

When I use the SUPER powers within me.

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