Sunday, 29 November 2015

OMEG tech

 On Saturday 2 some of my class mates went to OMEH tech at the city. We went in a bus. When we got to the city we went into the OMEG place went up stairs to wait then a lady came a told us that we could expolar  and wait for some name tags. when we got a name tags our journey began we got put into groups an and went to our stations my group went to the robotics.

The robotics was programming robots on the computer so they can move and we had to programme the robots to move the robots can move faster then a human robot help a lot of people because humans cannot go somewhere that the cant so they send robots to help.

After the robotics my group went to 3D printing, 3D printing was you make something on the computer and when you are done the prine it out and it comes real ad it is so cool I drew my name and said I am the man we had about only 40 mints each stations. when 40 mini was over and we went to our next station .

Our next station was braking a part compute CD players, in the CD player I found a mooter, laser, and a Manet after that station we had free lunch got the chicken and egg meal that was the best trip and it was so awesome and my favourite station was the robotic because programming it.

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  1. Hi Alex, thanks for sharing about your awesome day at OMG tech. I like that you have attempted to explain what the robots could be used for in the real world. Maybe you can share more information about your experience with the class on Tuesday