Tuesday, 8 December 2015


Today Thursday 3 December 2015 Rm7 had some chocolate from Whittaker’s the chocolate flavour was hokey pokey. When I  got my chocolate and I felt it it felt hard and firm. Then I took took off the paper and I took a small bite it was crunchy and it was melting on my hands and it was so sweet and delicious. and when I put the chocolate in my mouth it was even better then when I took a small bite.

Next my class, room 7, ate another chocolate from Whittaker’s. and the flavour was berry biscuit when I felt the chocolate It felt cold and hard but not just hard it was harder then the hokey pokey. When I took a small bite it was crunchy and tangyish because of the berries inside of it. When I took a big bite it was crunchy then sour again. Then when I swallowed the chocolate the the berry got stuck in my teeth and it was yuck.

If I could make my own chocolate I would make white chocolate peanut slab, because I love white chocolate and I love chocolates with peanuts in.             

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