Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Rainbow End trip

                              Rainbow End
On Tuesday 1 of November some of Glenbrae School students went to Rainbow’s End. When we got there all the little kids went with Mrs Adcock and Ms Card and the bigger students went on there own.

Our first ride was the stratosfear but the minimum height you had to be was 150 cm and some of us were tall enough and some were not tall enough. So only some of us went on the stratosfear. When the  stratosfear was finished we went to buy some chips.

After eating all of the chips we went to bumper carts we had to wait in line for a while but finally it was our turn. When I got into the cart at first I did not know how to drive the cart but then I got it, there was a pedal that I did not see. The bumper carts were hard because  everybody came after me. Then we all finished we went to bumper boats

Bumper boats was hard to control but I got it and I got wet pants and shoes after the bumper boats we went to the pirate ship. The pirate ship was like a big swing. It went up and down and it was so much fun I even got butterflies in my tummy. When we were done we went to the invader.

The invader was scary and I was on it. I felt like I was going to fly out in my seat and I was screaming in fear at first but then I got used to it and I was so dizzy when it was over. After the invader we all went to the power surge

Power surge was even scarier because when you were on it you, your seat would get tipped over and it was so scary. I tried to not look but it was to hard not to when they tipped your seat over. After the power surge we went to the log flume.

The log flume was cool. We had to hop into a log that look like a boat and then you would flow with the water and they will take you under a cave and then you would go under another cave. The second cave had christmas decoration and it was wierd. After the log flume we went to the family carts.

Family carts looked cool, but when we got there I was not 150 cm so I had to be a passenger. When it was our turn, it was so fun and it was so cool. When it was over we went to Mrs Adcock and Ms Card and went back to school.

I felt so happy that I went to rainbow end and I want to again some day.    


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