Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Metaphors and Simile

6WALT: identify and use similes and metaphors in writing.
SC: Determine the difference between a simile and a metaphor and write your own.

I was drowning in sweat because it was to hot.
It looked like I was a dead fish flapping across my classroom door

2. Write your own metaphors and similes to describe how you feel/felt during the basketball lessons. (2 of each)

I was bouncing with the ball and then when I dropped the ball and I dropped too
It look like I was bouncing with the ball when I someone was bouncing with the ball
I was with the ball when it dropped
It looked like I was flying with the ball when I throw it in the high air

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Last Two Days Experment

In the last 2 days we have been doing science at school the science was about  evaporation condensation water ice gas and the 3 states which is liquid solid and gases. The other day we learned about how the air can go into a bottle when you add baking soda and vinegar when we did add all the ingredients and put the balloon on the part where the lid goes and the the balloon had air in it and we never even blowed the balloon up the because the baking soda and the vinegar had gas in it.     



Monday, 22 June 2015

Scientific Terminology

Today Mrs Raj did a few scientific experiments. From these I learned the 3 states of matter which are solids, liquids and gases. I also learned about evaporation and condensation and also about the water cycle.

Friday, 19 June 2015

A Special Time With Family

                                     A Special Time With Family
Guess what I did in the lovely weekend? On Sunday the 14 June 2015 me and my dad, mum, brothers, aunt, uncle, and uncle again went to my dad’s and uncle's karate tournament. First we had to wake up at 5am to get ready for my dad’s and uncle tournament my uncle and aunt and uncle came because they never knew the way to the karate tournament.

When we all got ready we went in my dad’s big van it was a long drive to the place. The place was at a school hall. After we lost the road to get the place where the tournament was then we used my dads phone and went on maps so we could find the way.When we got there we had to pay my dad went to get his wallet in the car to pay for us when he payed we went inside and found a spot to sit.

My uncle tournament started at 11:30 and my dad's tournament started at 1pm.
After when my uncle tournament started first he did a kata a kata is when you do a combo then he did a fighting one and he was the best at it when his one was over he got two gold medals. Then it was my dad’s turn he was the man at kata and even fighting and the medal he got was a silver medal when it was over we all went back and celebrated at home.

I felt happy for my uncle and dad they were awesome  but I didn't like when we got lost in the middle of the road. But I love how we got to spend time with my family and I wish I was in the tournament like my dad and uncle were.  


Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Measured Foot And Height

We learned to measure in m, cm, mm. I measured my foot length and it is 21CM. My height is 1.36M. My height is 6 ½ times my foot length. and we used non standard measuring to find out how many times the length of my foot fitted into mu height

My digital art house

This piece of digital art was proudly created by Alex. Using Sumo Paint. I used the shapes and colour palette to make my art work. I used contrasting colours and made my picture beautiful.  

Monday, 15 June 2015

Balloon Game Recount

                              Balloon Game Recount

Today we went outside on to the court to play a cool, amazing and fun  game which was called balloon game. Room 7 went with Mrs Raj. First it was the boys because the game needed us to be holding hands. While we were playing, the girls did two laps around the court.

When we started to play the game it was quite hard but the we got used to it. Everybody was laughing and screaming. It was hard to keep the balloon in the air. Some of us kicked the balloon, punched it and even slapped it like it was a volleyball.
Sometimes we dropped the balloon and sometimes we didn't, but the hardest part was to keep holding hands and yet keep the balloon up. Some of us let go of the balloon then tried to get the balloon back, but it was also fun being competitive.

Afterwards it was the girls turn to play the balloon game and it was the boys turn to do laps around the court. The girls were good but the balloon popped and it was a loud bang!
Everybody was shocked when they heard it pop and we all went back to class with Mrs Raj.

I felt tired when we came back but also happy and I wish we played one more time but still I was on fire with amazement and joy as to how well we played the game. At the end we were sad when the balloon popped.  



Thursday, 11 June 2015

Seoul And New Zeland

WALT: Use information in the text to explain understanding
SC: Disagree or agree with statements and use information from the text to support your ideas.

Seoul is a small town in Korea
Seoul is a large noisy city that has ten times the number of people living in it than NZ has in the entire country.

New Zealand Schools are the same as schools in Korea
In Korea the desk is always in rows but New Zealand sit on the mat

Immigrants have wonderful things to share with us as well as learning ‘how to be kiwi’
yes because some countries might now better than New Zealand

Some things about New Zealand are harder to get used to than others.
Yes because if you are from another country and immigrate to New Zealand it will be hard for them to get use to everything  



Basketball Recount

                                  Basketball Recount
Today we played basketball with coach Mia. First we went to the hall the first game we played was “in and out” the game was called that because when the coach said “in” we had to go inside the line and “out” we had to step out of the line.We played it a few times and I lost sometimes.

After that we played octopus but it was a different octopus the taggers had balls and they had to bounce it and tag us but they were not allowed to throw the ball at us because it will hurt them or it will get their face.I got tagged just once.

Then we played green light red light coach choose a person when that person turn around we had to run but when he turned back we had to freeze I got out a lot and sometimes made almost made it the end. After that coach said it was finished and we went back to class with Mrs Jacob.            

Four day weekend

WALT: write a recount using a rubric to help us.
SC: set a goal level you want to achieve from the rubric

Writing PROMPT: The Four Day Weekend

Select at least three ideas (things that happened) from your long weekend to write about. Things could be:
  • A visiting a friend or relative
  • A sports game you watched
  • A board/card/computer game you played
  • A special meal you enjoyed
  • Going to the shops/movies/ park etc.
  • Helping to look after a younger brother/sister.
  • Something you made.
  • A book you read/ movie watched
  • … Anything at all that you did over the four days.

MY GOAL:level 3
IDEAS:level 2
VOCAB:level 3

Guess what I did in the four day weekend.In the four day weekend. I went to see my Grandma and Granddad. When we got there my granddad was watching TV and my grandma was fixing the gate. After A while my aunt and two little cousins came. My two brothers played with them for a bit of time but I stayed inside because I never felt like going outside.Instead I ate ice cream the flavour was chocolate.

Later on my aunt came she did a makeover on my mums face while she was doing that my uncle and aunty came with my two cousin and her friend. We played with them ball tagge and I never got tagged only one time but it was still so fun and amazing to play.When my mum was finished with her makeover she looked different but also looked beautiful.

After that we went to my mum grandmas house to do a fair well and have a feast.
First they were talking for little while then the people came to bring the food. there was pizza, taro,green banana, chicken, muscle, and tin fish. It was so delicious and yummy but the thing I ate was the pizza and a little of some taro and tin fish.After They had a little talk again after a while a little girl started to be sick but I never knew what happened and they had to call the ambulance. When the ambulance came they took the little girl.When the ambulance took her we all went home cause it was finished because the little girl was sike.

We was all very sad when the little girl was sick but the most thing the I liked was when
my mum got a makeover and her face and when I played with my cousins ball tegge but the most most thing I liked was eating chocolate ice cream it was so so yummy and taste to put in my mouth and also chew it up.