Monday, 15 June 2015

Balloon Game Recount

                              Balloon Game Recount

Today we went outside on to the court to play a cool, amazing and fun  game which was called balloon game. Room 7 went with Mrs Raj. First it was the boys because the game needed us to be holding hands. While we were playing, the girls did two laps around the court.

When we started to play the game it was quite hard but the we got used to it. Everybody was laughing and screaming. It was hard to keep the balloon in the air. Some of us kicked the balloon, punched it and even slapped it like it was a volleyball.
Sometimes we dropped the balloon and sometimes we didn't, but the hardest part was to keep holding hands and yet keep the balloon up. Some of us let go of the balloon then tried to get the balloon back, but it was also fun being competitive.

Afterwards it was the girls turn to play the balloon game and it was the boys turn to do laps around the court. The girls were good but the balloon popped and it was a loud bang!
Everybody was shocked when they heard it pop and we all went back to class with Mrs Raj.

I felt tired when we came back but also happy and I wish we played one more time but still I was on fire with amazement and joy as to how well we played the game. At the end we were sad when the balloon popped.  



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  1. Hi Alex
    That's a really good story about the balloon game we had played. It felt like I was really there, even though I was really there. I think this story is better than mine. Keep up the good work Alex!