Thursday, 11 June 2015

Seoul And New Zeland

WALT: Use information in the text to explain understanding
SC: Disagree or agree with statements and use information from the text to support your ideas.

Seoul is a small town in Korea
Seoul is a large noisy city that has ten times the number of people living in it than NZ has in the entire country.

New Zealand Schools are the same as schools in Korea
In Korea the desk is always in rows but New Zealand sit on the mat

Immigrants have wonderful things to share with us as well as learning ‘how to be kiwi’
yes because some countries might now better than New Zealand

Some things about New Zealand are harder to get used to than others.
Yes because if you are from another country and immigrate to New Zealand it will be hard for them to get use to everything  



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  1. Nice work Alex. I like your addition of the map to show us where Seoul is. Remember to put a title on your diagram too.