Thursday, 11 June 2015

Basketball Recount

                                  Basketball Recount
Today we played basketball with coach Mia. First we went to the hall the first game we played was “in and out” the game was called that because when the coach said “in” we had to go inside the line and “out” we had to step out of the line.We played it a few times and I lost sometimes.

After that we played octopus but it was a different octopus the taggers had balls and they had to bounce it and tag us but they were not allowed to throw the ball at us because it will hurt them or it will get their face.I got tagged just once.

Then we played green light red light coach choose a person when that person turn around we had to run but when he turned back we had to freeze I got out a lot and sometimes made almost made it the end. After that coach said it was finished and we went back to class with Mrs Jacob.            

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