Friday, 19 June 2015

A Special Time With Family

                                     A Special Time With Family
Guess what I did in the lovely weekend? On Sunday the 14 June 2015 me and my dad, mum, brothers, aunt, uncle, and uncle again went to my dad’s and uncle's karate tournament. First we had to wake up at 5am to get ready for my dad’s and uncle tournament my uncle and aunt and uncle came because they never knew the way to the karate tournament.

When we all got ready we went in my dad’s big van it was a long drive to the place. The place was at a school hall. After we lost the road to get the place where the tournament was then we used my dads phone and went on maps so we could find the way.When we got there we had to pay my dad went to get his wallet in the car to pay for us when he payed we went inside and found a spot to sit.

My uncle tournament started at 11:30 and my dad's tournament started at 1pm.
After when my uncle tournament started first he did a kata a kata is when you do a combo then he did a fighting one and he was the best at it when his one was over he got two gold medals. Then it was my dad’s turn he was the man at kata and even fighting and the medal he got was a silver medal when it was over we all went back and celebrated at home.

I felt happy for my uncle and dad they were awesome  but I didn't like when we got lost in the middle of the road. But I love how we got to spend time with my family and I wish I was in the tournament like my dad and uncle were.  


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