Thursday, 22 September 2016

Aucland live

Yesterday 21, September 2016 we went to Auckland Live. Room 10 and 8 went together. When we got there we went in the hall.

We had to get downstairs and sit down so they can sort out our group's room 10 we went to a lady that controlled the lights and the and everything on the stage.
Then we went to a lady that had makeup on. She told us all about the hall and how it was made. Then we went backstage to see a man that controlled the doors and  the windows and then we went to the light place where the lady changes the light colour and makes it small. After morning tea we went to a hall to listen to a man sing in Italian and then we listened a girl sing a nice song. The man who sang the Italian song taught us a song about Sweeney Todd.

After that it was lunch. After lunch we went to our second to the last station she showed us all about makeup and how they make it and then we went to another place to see blood and other stuff. After that, we went to get our bags and went to see the stars.

After all of that, we went to the bus and went back to school I really enjoyed it.

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