Thursday, 20 October 2016

Allen Ivasion

Hundred days ago Damian and Mark were having a good time at the beach, and having a BBQ too. Damien and Mark were superheros so they saved the world almost everyday. Their Superhero names were Captain Atomic and Captain Marvel. While they were having a BBQ suddenly something happened?

The sky turned black and BIG alien space ships appeared out of the sky. Someone said, “it’s Allen's run for your lives!”. Everybody was worried and they all were panicking.
Then Mark and Damian went to their house to get their super suits .

By the time Mark and Damien got there they were too late and then they got a message.
The allens said, “Captain Atomic and Captain Marvel come to the abandoned warehouse”. The abandoned warehouse was full of boxes and old shelves. Then they heard a sound and Mark used his super hearing to find the sound. When he did he found the aliens and the people. They fought the aliens and kicked their alien bottom back to their planet and saved the people.

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                              The End      

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