Friday, 2 October 2015

Playing with friend

Today, I was playing out side with my brother's bike. When we were playing, a friend from across the road came over. Then we put our bikes away and we started to play cops and bad people. My younger brothers were first as the bad people and me and my friend were the cops. We had to lock them in the gate and they had to escape from the gate. When they escaped, we had to run after them and for them to be saved, they had to run 5 laps around the gate. While we were playing my brother climbed up the tree it was hard to get him.

We tried getting him with sticks and balls but we  could not get him. Then I climbed up the tree and tried to get him but I could not get him. I tried again and I got him. At last the cops won and the bad guys lost. Then we started to play hide and ghost seek. I was the finder first. When they were hiding I found my friend first then my brother then my other brother.

After a while we started to eat. I ate an apple and some chips. After we ate we went back outside and played on the scooter. We went riding down and up the hills till we got so tired. when we got tired our mum called us in because we had to stop playing and go for a shower.

                   THE END

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