Monday, 19 October 2015

Gooing to the pools

Go to the pools and your stay cool.

Last 2 weeks my family and I went Glen Innes pools. When we got to the pools I got into my swimsuit and then did a big splash into the pool. Then I swam to the button of the pool and I held my breath for 30 seconds when I got back up all my hair was covering my face.

Next I started to do a monkey climb on the walls of the pool I went on around then me and my brother did a breathing competition my brother held his breath for 20 seconds and I holded my breather for 30 seconds then we did the competition again and it was a draw.

Later on I saw honey at the pools she said hi to me and I said hi back. Then I had to go home because dad had to do some work at home
so we got change into our dry clothes and went home.

It was fun at the pools and I wanted to go and that was the time with me and my family at the pools and I wish I could go everyday.               

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