Friday, 11 September 2015

We should eat insects as part of a healthy diet

WALT: Create an argument with a point of view (P.O.V) and reasons for or against.
SC: Use evidence for or against the topic to create an argument for:

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TOPIC: People should include insects in their healthy diet.


We should eat insects as part of a healthy diet. I agree to eat insects because bugs are full of fibre easy to harvest and takes less to produce.

Insects have less fat than cows and chicken and you don't get as much fibre protein or zinc from cows and chicken as you do from insects which are edible and digestible.   

We should eat bugs because, you can eat 80% of it, but if you kill and eat cows chicken and other animals you will get about 40% or 50% of the animal as meat and the rest gets wasted.

Bugs are easy to harvest and it is free so you can save money because you can find bugs anywhere in your garden, grass and even maybe in your house. You can find flies centipede spiders and even cockroaches.

Bugs take less water than cows to produce. Cows take up to 22000L and pork takes up 35000L and chicken takes up to 23000 L but insects take only 1L and we need water and in many of the parts in the world people eat insects already.

Bugs are healthy for your healthy diet they are easy to harvest and and takes up less water than cows, chicken, pigs, and other animals but bugs take less water and and bugs have fibre protein vitamins iron zinc.




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