Friday, 22 June 2018

Book week recount

Yesterday on the 19th of June 2018, Glenbrae School had our very first Book Week. All clases had been making stuff for book week
My class Room 7 were making dioramas about our favourite book.
Other classes dressed up as their favourite book characters and made posters .

The first thing we did was all the classes in the school gathered up in the hall and we did a parade to show off our fabulous costumes when the paride was done each class got up and told the other classes what character they are. There was also a prize for the best costume for the juniors and the seniors. The winner for the seniors was a boy from room 9 he dressed up as Kia from Ninjago and from the juniors was a girl from room 4 she dressed up as the fairy godmother from cinderella.

After the parade we then showed what we made for book week, Room 7 showed there diaramar, my diaramar was about Bad Guys Episode 5 by Aaron Blabey. After that we had a look at the other clases presentation and then we went back to our classes to have morning tea.

Later on after morning tea we had poetry recital each class chose some students to say a poem and also to thank and introduce. I was an introducer so I introduced one of the poets. After poetry recital we had lunch.

After lunch we had duff show it was called the Superduper show.
The show was about a superhero who got his powers from saving a lady about to get run over and when he saved her something magical happens and he got powers to bring book characters to life. He used these powers to stop the evil Dr Dismo. After the show was done we back our bags and then went home.

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