Friday, 22 June 2018

Why Fortnite should be allowed to be played at school?

                 Fortnite should be allowed to be played at school?

What is Fortnite about?Fortnite is an online game played by many people around the world. This game is for people aged 12 and over. This age is suitable for Glenbrae Intermediate students.

Fortnite is an online player vs player game and I know that this is a good idea to have students play fortnite in school because children can work together to build their confidence to work with new people from other schools and also students from different classrooms. It helps you with planning and also it will help you to think how your game strategies will work .  

I also want students to play at lunchtime so it won’t interfere with learning. The reason why I picked this time is because It’s closer to end of the day so you don't learn as much, because we learn a lot in the morning.

Fortnite is played on Ipad, computer’s, playstation 4 and xbox1. In our school we have a lot of computers and most kids play on computer rather than PS4 and Xbox1.

This is my argument on why Glenbrae Intermediate students should be allowed to play Fortnite in School.   

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