Monday, 25 May 2015

Going to MOATA

                                      Going to MOTAT

Room 7 and rooms 10, 9, went to MOTAT. First We all went to the hall and we got ready to get on the bus. we had to get into different groups. there were two bus waiting for us at the gate.Then we hopped into the bus and went off.When we got there we met our instructor at the front of MOTAT gate.After we went to our meeting place to have our morning
tea and the instructor talk to us about what we were aloud to touch and not.  

When the the instructor told us everything we went in to our groups.When we got into our groups we went to see all the olden day cars and other transport in the old days.After we went to the mere maze but before we went there  we went to see the second fire engine ever made it looked like a olden day car but red and a hose on it and then we went to the mere maze.

Then it was our turn to go on the tram it was so fun it felt like we were on the road because I couldn't see the tracks for the tram.
When we stopped we the tram driver talked about the tram and the tram was made in 1914.

Then it was lunch time and we went to the meeting place to have our lunch then the instructor took us to the room where we could learn how
the soldiers could communicate with the base to get help and writer lettres to their family.The room was so cool and some of the things where real life.

After we finished we had to go back to our meeting place to go home  but we went in the black train it was so cool and scary because when
I went up the train they were too much people inside and when I went down it was scary too but cool then we went back to the meeting place and went home in the bus.

My best part was when I saw the big black train and the mere maze it was so cool and fun cause it was my first time completing the mere maze and I enjoyed it. I saw  the second fire engine it was cool
and it was cool to see lots of olden day cars and other transport.




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