Thursday, 7 May 2015

Holiday Recount

                                        Holiday Recount
In the holiday on saturday I went to movies at sylvia park to watch fast and furious 7, we got popcorn to eat in the movies but we had to get pay for ticks.We got 3 large popcorn. me my brothers and dad and mum went to watch it.We watch it on the big screen there were lots of people at the movies to watch fast and furious 7.

when we got inside the room there were people already inside before us.Before the movie started there were commercials there were about five commercials.Then the the movie started the movie was so cool that i wanted to see it over and over and I never stop  cause it was exciting. When the movie finished we got out of the room and went back home.

It was so exciting to what the fast furious 7 and it was the best movie that I ever seen in the whole wide world and I will never forget it till I am 100 years old and it was the so amazing and cool and wonderful and the best part about the movie was when rock had a broken arm had a cast and then ripped it off  with his hands and most coolest part was when rock grab the drown and trayed it a part and took the mine gun shoot the bad guy in the helicopter.     


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