Friday, 22 May 2015

ANZAC Button

WALT: Summarise the author's purpose
SC: Complete the timeline showing how you felt through the narrative

The Anzac Button by Judy Raymond. Illustrated by Elspeth Alix Batt.

  1. Why do you think the jacket and buttons were left in the cupboard for a year at a time? Explain your answer with as much detail as possible.

  1. Key Vocabulary find and complete these words from the text. Then write the definition (meaning) of each word in your own words (do NOT copy straight from the dictionary)

  1. khaki-Is a greenish brownish colour on shoes and jackets
  2. pride-Jack had pride to go up and talk
  3. dodged-Me and my friend was playing dodgeball
  4. battlefield-the people in war were fighting on a battlefield
  5. trench-people in the war hide in a trench
  6. mildew-Mildew live in stuff behind and it gets rotten
  7. pre-dawn-pre dawn is also a word for night
  8. wail-Wail is a high pitched for cry
  9. bugle-bugle is like a trumpet
  10. regiment-regiment is a group of soldiers
  11. rummage-Rummaged is a untidy search  
  12. gleamed-Gleamed is making everything tide

3. Create a timeline to show how the button felt throughout the story.

During the war
Ot of the cupboard
catch the jacket out
the button save himself
girl made necklaces out of button
girl wear niceness to pride

4. What was the author’s purpose in writing this narrative from the button’s perspective? The writer wrote this story because he wanted to see how the write explains the button

I learned how the button felt in the story and i found difficult was to write the answer and look for it in the story.

5. Imagine you are a basketball. Use personification to describe how you (the basketball) feels after a game.if I was a basketball it would be cool but sometimes I would be not happy because I would be disey
and feel a little sike.

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