Thursday, 7 May 2015

Basketball Recount

                      Basketball Recount
WALT:Write using details to add interest.

Today Tuesday 5 May 2015 we went to basketball at 10:20 on the court, Coach Chanel said to us our warm up was ball handling skills we had to put the ball around our legs and around our body. Then coach said we got to find partners. When we all got into partners we played dribble tag we had to get with our old partner with and one of us had to dribble tag us but he was only aloud to tag his own partner and one of the rule was to only aloud to walk fast not run.

Then we played another game and it was called ship sharp shark.The game was to the people with a ball was to stand in the middle and and when she said shark we coach  had to run any where and when she said ship we had to run and dribble left and when she said shore we had to run and dribble with the ball right and it was a race and if you were last you were out and it was so fun.

After we played another game was octopus coach said who wants to be a tagger and the tagger had to get a ball and dribble the ball and tag the people but they weren't aloud to throw the ball at them because it were hurt them and if got tag you had to stand like a seaweed and try to bend over and tag them but your not aloud to move if you are a seaweed and it was the best game I ever played.

I felt happy to play the 4 games.  It was so fun my favourite game was octopus and ship shore shark those two games were the best to play ever and I learned to do ball handling skills.



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