Sunday, 21 January 2018

SLJ week 3 Day 2 activity 1 - Rock n Roll

3 facts about the Beatles on their tour.

#1  There were too many people at their concert that the police officers had to keep the people behind a wired fence. 

#2 The crowd was so big outside their hotel that the Beatles had to be taken secretly through the bottle shop entrance of the hotel.

#3 The Beatles had there concert in the wellington town hall in 23 of June 1964.      Image result for beatles

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  1. Hey again Alex, thank you for sharing three interesting facts about The Beatles. I really like this band, they have so many good songs and they're really catchy and the lyrics are easy to learn. Have you ever heard any of their music?

    We used to sing a lot of their songs in my class last year. The kids loved it! I would teach them the words then they would sing while they completed their work.

    Do you sing a lot of songs at school?

    Thanks, Billy