Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Bush Craft

Bush Craft

On the 21st August 2017, Year 7 & 8 students had a wonderful opportunity to do bushcraft at Russell, in the Bay of Island New Zealand with our instructor, named Sarah. This was part of Glenbrae School’s camp.

The first thing we did was, we learned how to tie knots. We learnt the Q and P knot, churkers knot and the double knot. We all  practiced until we felt competent with it. After all that hard work we put it to the test. We got a set of tarpaulin, ropes and pegs. First we found two trees to tie our ropes around. We did a churker's knot and then we grabbed the other end of the rope and went under the tarpaulin. When we got to the other side we tied it to the tree. This was helpful for us so we knew how to put up a tent for when we slept in the bush.  

Later on, Sarah taught us how to make a fire. She said to gather as much wood as we could and then bring it back. So we did. When we came back we made a small hole in the ground and put some sticks in a cross formation. Then we put a bunch of dead twigs in the middle and then set it alight with matches. We boiled some water in a billy over the fire and it didn't take long.

It was a great experience I had a lot of fun and I would use life skill when I am older.       

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  1. Hi Alex,

    What a fabulous experience! I love all of the vocabulary that you have used in this recount, like how you used the name of the knots. This use of vocabulary and your detail (like how you explained that you put the sticks in a cross formation) helps your audience to follow along with what you have written. Next time you could include the end of the session, where you put out your fire once the water had boiled and packed the things away so that you were ready for your night in the bush. Overall this is a fabulous piece of writing Alex - ka pai!