Thursday, 28 July 2016

Claire's Secret Ambition

                                      Claire's Secret Ambition      

This is a story by Charlotte Firmin, I have changed the ending of this story to an interesting story   

When Mum came back from Africa, Claire said to mum “can I still be a movie star like you?”. Her mum said why don't you stay in your new school because your teacher really wants you to stay, he says that  you're a natural in science. Claire says “ok, if I have to.” She told Mr. Fasolini that she was going to stay, Mr. Fasolini winked and smiled at her. The next day, Claire went back to school  and she saw Mr. Fasolini waiting for her at the end of the day holding a sheet which said that she had to sign it. She had no idea what it was until she saw the sheet. She starting crying with joy because it was a contract to a new job at a vet.
“I couldn’t thank you anymore,” said Claire
“No need” replied Mr. Fasolini.

They both drove to the Vet and gave them the contract. It took a few days to know it she had the job at the vet, or if she didn’t have the job. A week or two after, they had got a phone call from the vet, the nurse on the phone said: “We have read your application, we really like your working career, so we have decided that you have got the job!”

“OH MY GOSH!” screamed Claire.

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