Thursday, 29 December 2016

Summer Activities liked by my younger brother Week 2 Day8

 Summer Activities

1. Playing with water 

2. Swimming in the sea 

3. Walking on the beach

4. Playing in the park

5.  Going to the pools


  1. Hi Alex!! It is wonderful to see that you have joined our summer learning journey programme this year and posted so many blogs already.

    Way to go!

    Like you, I also love walking on the beach and playing in the park during the summer time. My son, Aronui, and I often go to the beaches on the west side of Auckland. Our favourite is Kare Kare. It's just stunning! Unfortunately, the ocean can be a little bit rough and unpredictable on the west coast so we typically go to a local pool for our swimming. I used to be a lifeguard so I love the water!

    Where do you typically go swimming? Do you prefer to go to a local pool or to a beach?

    I hope that you've been able to go swimming this holiday. The weather hasn't been particularly hot or sunny, has it? Hopefully we will see more sunshine and some warmer days in the new year!

    Wishing you and your family a very safe and happy start to 2017.

    All the best,

    Rachel :)

    1. Hi Miss,

      Really nice to hear from you.

      Normally I go with my brothers to local pool for swimming but I love to go to Mission Bay & St. Heliers Beach.

      On the west coast I like Murawai beach.


  2. Hi Alex!

    I really like this list. It sounds very similar to my list, except I like to go camping with my family, usually all we have is a tent and sleeping bags and a gas cooker. It's pretty cool and we always go somewhere near a beach.

    This summer I have been to Waiheke a couple of times. I hope you can visit those beaches someday too! They are very nice.

    Kia kaha,