Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Flight tickets for summer holidays to the different destinations Summer Learning Journey Week 1 Day 3

Cost of return flight to the following countries
Canberra, Australia
864.471 NZD
Tokyo, Japan
1,806.58 NZD
Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
2,315.95 NZD
Abu Dhabi, United  Arab Emirates
2,838.47 NZD
Cape Town, South Africa
2,822.20 NZD
Berlin Germany
3,278.21 NZD
London, England
2573.28 NZD
Santiago, Chile
3,375.377 NZD
Mexico city, Mexico
6,399.03 NZD
Ottawa Canada
2,230.31 NZD

  • Mexico is the most expensive country to visit.

  • Australia is the least expensive country to visit.


  1. Hi Alex,

    I found it really interesting to learn that there were cheaper flights to London than South America, as London is further away. Why do you think Australia might be the cheapest country to travel to from New Zealand?

    1. Hi Miss Stone,

      Thanks for the comment. I also found the same, the reason could be most airline fly to South America via Europe and Australia is not as far as other destinations.

  2. Hi Alex, I also found this interesting. I wonder if the date of travel makes a difference to how airlines price tickets...


  3. Hi Mark,

    Thanks.It is really depend on dates and off season or peak season.


    1. You are very right Alex, and it also depends on which airline you are using and what deals are on. Travelling to London is a bit cheaper now than it was a little while ago because more airlines are flying there from NZ. This could also be the reason why it is so expensive to travel to Mexico, as I have seen return trips to Mexico for $2000 on some airlines.