Thursday, 12 April 2018

They walk among us

It was a dark night and it was 3 days after the project Z, it happened because the military were trying to make a super soldier and they used the wrong antidote and it turned the soldier into a zombie. The zombie bit a lot of people and his bite turned them into zombies too. But Ben and his friend Joe were still safe, they were hiding in a underground bunker.

Ben is 21 years old he has black hair, green eyes. Ben was also millertary trained when he was 15 years old and he had been given an Assault rifle and a desert eagle which are two very powerful guns. Joe has blue hair and black eyes and he is 20 years old. Joe was also millertary trained at the age of 16 and was given two guns one of his guns was a SMG and the other was a pistol.

While they were in their underground bunker they were running out of supplies and food. So Ben and Joe decided to go out of their bunker and go and find some food and supplies. While they were searching they came across people sourrend by bloodthirsty brain eaters. Ben and Joe ran to them and they started shooting the zombies and the zombies all died. When the people were safe the people asked Ben and Joe “what would you kind men need” and they responded to the people
“we need supplies and food”. The people gave them what they asked and Ben and Joe went back to there bunker.

When they got back Ben got a radio signal from the millertary. They asked if anybody was still out there and Ben answered “yes”
the millertary said “we are coming to get you”. Ben and Joe were relieved and thankful. 3 hours later the millertary showed up. But the did not come alone, they were being followed by Zombies. The military soldiers said “hurry we need to go”. When Ben and Joe got out of their bunker they saw a chopper, they hopped on the chopper and it took them to a place called Area 15.

When they got on the ground one of the soldiers took them to a place where they could stay and rest. While they were resting, they herd alarms ringing. They both went outside and the saw zombies breaking in and then they saw an enormous zombie. Joe and Ben got a gun and started firing but then a enormous zombie started destroying everything and he started biting soldiers then the captain called Ben and Joe over and he told them the had to throw a boom in the zombies mouth so all the zombies could die. They were both scared but Ben took the boom ran to the enormous zombie and threw it in his mouth. When the bomb hit the enormous zombies stomach it explode and all the zombies died.

They were all happy to be alive and Ben and Joe got an award for saving the world.                   

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