Wednesday, 25 April 2018


              My Most exciting time at school

The most exciting time I have had at school was when I got to watch a real police helicopter land on my school field. It was arranged by constable Jude.

After Morning tea all the classes gathered up on the Glenbrae school field and we all watched as police helicopter landed on our school field. I felt like jumping around as I watched the helicopter land.

There were two officers in the helicopter. One of them got down and talked to all of us about his job. Then he sent one by one each class to see the helicopter. When I was up close to the helicopter it looked humongous then what it looks like when it is in the sky. I felt very small and tiny.  

He talked about how they see the ground using a camera under their helicopter. He also told us when someone if on a run away they use a heat seeking camera that tracks heat signatures.

After we finished having a look, we went back to our classes. This was the most exciting time I have ever had at school and I also learned lots about the police helicopter.     

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