Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Santa And His Ripped Head

                 Santa And His Ripped Head
Last week on Sunday, Santa came to my house to play with me. We had lots of fun. Santa came in his sleigh with his 8 reindeers and they were all very friendly.
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The first place we visited using santa's sleigh was the candy farm. When we got there we ate lots of chocolate and lollipops and they tasted sweet like honey. When I ate the chocolate it melted in my mouth with joy. Then after eating all those sweets santa got FATTER, His face grew more round, his stomach grew out of his shirt and his pants ripped. I asked him if he was okay and he just replied “Ho Ho Ho”.   
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Then later on after 10 minutes he said to me “let's go to the mythical creature zoo”.
I told him “there's no place like that!!”
He said “hop into my sleigh and I’ll show you.”
So I said “okay”.  On our way I saw lots of lovely pets and animals on the ground.
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When we got there he said “let's go see the reindeers”.
I said no “I want to go see the dragons.”
He said “okay”, so we walked to the dragon cages. The dragons were a bit crazy and acting really funny.
Suddenly, one of the dragons broke out of its cage and flew towards santa. The dragon Grabbed him by the torso and ripped his head off and all the lollies burst out from his stomach.

I got scared and ran to santa's sleigh I didn’t know how to work it so I just  leaned over the sleigh and slapped one of the reindeers karate chopped the reinders butt and then it alerted the other reindeers and they flew off freaking out.

I didn't know how to land it so I looked around for a parachute. When I found one under the seat I saw the candy farm and jumped off the sleigh and pulled the parachute.I landed on a big pile of  candy. Then finally I  ran back home hoping I was not on santa's naughty list for stealing his sleigh.

I had lots of fun with santa, I also got very scared when the dragon ripped of his head.

I recommend this story from 10-25

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