Friday, 20 October 2017

language week

This week is Niuean language week and we celebrate a lot of other languages during the year.

Why do we celebrate language week?
We celebrate language so we don’t forget our languages and where we come from. We also celebrate it because it's important to know our language and the history of our families. If we don’t speak our languages they might die out or we might forget them. Then children could forget who they are and what language their parents speak.

So that is why we should always remember our language and know where we come from.  Image result for Niuean


  1. Hi Alex,

    You have raised some important points about language week. This week we celebrated both Diwali and Niuean language week so we discussed two very different cultures. What languages would you like to learn?

  2. Hi Alex my name is Denzel from Kawakawa Primary school up north. I really like how you explained it, the facts in there are really cool. l am a Niuean myself so this is really cool finding some other people that are spearing it all over new zealand. If you would like to check out my blog go to atcheck out my blog