Monday, 29 August 2016


Today 29 August 2016 we did a half day of since from the morning to after morning tea. Our first experiment we did an experiment called magnet magic there was 4 experiment in the magnet magic the first one was called follow the magic our second one was called The indecisive and the third and fourth one were called an invisible dancer and the jitters.

Our next experiment was called fly we draw airplanes and then put the paper clip and tied a string on the paper clip and then put magnet and made it move.

After our airplane, we did the fishing game it was fun we made fish and the made a fishing rod using a stick and string and then tied the string on the magnet and fished.

After all, that we did our final experiment we drew  cars and then and put paper clips on it to move it.

Then that was it it was fun and I was happy.     


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